rob loos & zing productions inc

Rob Loos serves as President of zing productions inc., but what that really means is that he helps to guide the creative approach to our television, film, and direct-to-digital projects -- as a writer, producer, director, or show-runner. 

Many times Rob serves as a "hyphenate" -- combining two or more of those roles.  

zing's area of focus is all about storytelling -- some projects venture squarely into the "family" arena,  other projects are dramatic, adventurous, faith-based or even romantic -- we are in the business of entertaining people with captivating storytelling.  That starts with compelling writing which lays the groundwork for exceptional productions.

We have worked with many networks, studios, and distribution partners ... they are scrolling above ... sometimes we're in charge of everything from concept through release, other times we split responsibilities with our top-notch partners.